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Clear ODB

Clear ODB is a Distributed Computing Platform and Object Oriented Database. ClearODB provides an easy, fast and efficient way to implement distributed applications. It is built from the core to take advantage of object oriented design all throughout from API to data storage.

Clear ODB is a client / server system, very much like a traditional database. The ClearODB server installs on a server machine and your application connects as a client to the server through the ClearODB API. The ClearODB API comes as a static library (c++) or dll (.Net).

Object Serialization Library

The object serialization library (OSL) provides a serialization mechanism for C++ in a elegant and cost effective way. By utilizing a serialization mechanism, the amount of effort and code needed to store your data structures is greatly reduced. With a minimum amount of declarative code, you enable the OSL to translate your runtime C++ objects into one of a number of external formats such as XML or binary files. OSL can handle any C++ primitive type (but references) and structures/classes, any inheritence structure and can write and read complex object graphs to/from I/O streams.

Available for Windows (MS Dev 8.0, Intel Compiler 8.0+), Mac OS X (gcc 3.3+), Linux (x86, PPC, gcc 4.0+). Will be available for Java and C# in the future to support multi language systems.

Stream Tools

Stream tools offer a platform independent TCP socket layer for C++. A number of classes encapsulates the platform specific layer and helps you develop networking applications without the hassle of parallell code bases. Provides standard C++ iostream interface to sockets.

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