Object Serialization Library

Clear Objects' object serialization library ( OSL ) provides a serialization and object persistence mechanism for C++, allowing you to save time and money when writing code for C++ data storage.

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Benefits of using Object Serialization

By utilizing a serialization mechanism, the amount of effort and code needed to store your data structures is greatly reduced. With a minimum amount of declarative code, you enable the OSL to translate your runtime C++ objects into one of a number of external formats such as XML or binary files. OSL can handle any C++ primitive type (but references) and any structure or class, any inheritence structure and can write and read complex object graphs to and from I/O streams.

Main Features

OSL is a C++ programming tool for multiple platforms which you can use when writing platform independent code. It links in with your application as a static library and allows you to serialize C++ classes. OSL has a number of advanced features. The library can save and load:

Platform Independent Coding

OSL provides a platform independent development environment. The same OSL code you write on one platform is portable to any of the other supported platforms.

Available for the following platforms:

For other platforms, please contact us for availability. OSL is written in standard C++ without any platform dependent API calls - any platform with a recent compiler would be supported.

Multi Platform Usage

OSL is shipped with an XML output format which is platform independent. This means that objects written to file on one platform can be read by OSL on other platforms.

Future releases will provide support for binary and user defined external formats as well as SQL database bindings.

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Clear Objects' Serialization Library encapsulates years of experience and research into advanced C++ techniques.

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