Product Downloads

When selecting a product for downloading, you will be asked to either login or register your email address. An email will be sent to you with a license file that you will need in order to use the product. The license is locked into your application at the time it is built with the product, so you will have to rebuild your application if you download another evaluation license or purchase a commercial license.

The evaluation license will allow you to run applications for 30 days after the download. After that time period, the functionality provided by the product will be switched off. You will be able to build applications after the expiration date, but not run them. Press the "Try" button next to the product to get an evaluation license.

To purchase a commercial license, press the "Buy" button next to the product you are interested in. After the payment procedures an email will be sent to you with the commercial license in. With the commercial license, there is no time restriction on the functionality of the product in your final application.

Please note that if you have installed an evaluation license before, and now purchase a commercial license, you should go through the installation process once again so that the new license is properly installed.

If you need a non-graphical installation, please contact us.

Please contact us for commercial licenses!

Clear ODB, Version 0.7.16

Pre-alpha release for selected users.html (opens new window)

Windows 64 bit2013-02-05ClearODB Server 0.7.16 Win x64 Setup.exe5,758kBTry
Windows (Visual C++ 2010)2013-02-05ClearODB SDK 0.7.16 Win32 Setup.exe78,318kBTry
Windows (Visual C++ 2010)2013-02-05ClearODB SDK 0.7.16 x64 Setup.exe88,215kBTry
Windows .Net2013-02-05ClearODB SDK 0.7.16 .Net Setup.exe4,894kBTry

Object Serialization Library, Version 1.0.3

ReleaseNotes-OSL-1.0.3.html (opens new window)

Linux x86_64 (gcc 4.0+)2009-06-01osl-c++-1.0.3-linux-x86_64-installer.run4,193kBTry
Mac OS X Universal2009-06-02osl-c++-1.0.3-macosx.dmg3,796kBTry
Linux i386 (gcc 4.0+)2009-06-02osl-c++-1.0.3-linux-i386-installer.run3,724kBTry

Object Serialization Library, Version 1.0.2

ReleaseNotes-OSL-1.0.2.html (opens new window)

Windows (MS Dev 8.0)2008-03-08osl-c++-1.0.2-win-x86-installer.exe9,481kBTry
Linux PPC (gcc 4.0+)2008-03-08osl-c++-1.0.2-linux-ppc-installer.run4,401kBTry

Stream Tools, Version 1.0.1

ReleaseNotes-StreamTools-1.0.1.html (opens new window)

Linux x86_64 (gcc 4.0+)2008-07-14streamtools-c++-1.0.1-linux-x86_64-installer.run4,255kBTry
Mac OS X Universal2008-07-14streamtools-c++-1.0.1-macosx.dmg3,486kBTry

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