Clear ODB

- An Object Oriented Distributed Computing Platform


Clear ODB is a Distributed Computing Platform and Object Oriented / Graph NoSQL Database. Clear ODB provides an easy, fast and efficient way to implement distributed applications. It is built from the core to take advantage of object oriented design all throughout from API to data storage. The main design goal has been to make the developer's life easy.

Clear ODB is a client / server system, very much like a traditional database. The Clear ODB server installs on a server machine and your application connects as a client to the server through the Clear ODB API. The Clear ODB API comes as a static library (c++) or dll (.Net).

The API knows how to store objects and linkages between objects. When committing objects to the server, the Clear ODB API knows how to find linked objects (through pointers/references) and sends any updated or new objects to the server. Retrieving objects is done either through select statements (through the C++/Java/C# interface) based on member field values or by direct object lookup.


Faster Development Cycle

Better Data Modelling


Data Storage

Data Distribution

Distributed Processing

Integration with OO Languages

Using Clear ODB enables you to design and develop truly object oriented solutions; allowing you to take full advantage of the benefits of object oriented design such as code reuse and encapsulation; and not having to compromise because of your data storage options.

Clear ODB is not an object-relational mapping solution. That means that at no point is there a translation from object model to relational model.

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