The Object vs Relational Chasm

Ever since object oriented design and relational databases appeared, there has been a struggle to combine the two's completely different views on data. Usually developers want to use an object oriented design for their software, as that has a number of benefits when designing and coding complex solutions. The relational database is usually chosen as a storage medium as it offers data persistence and data distribution.

Relational vs Object Model

There are many good reasons to use a relational database. One good reason would be when you have a complex data set where you want to be able to combine searches across any number of fields or combinations of fields and where it is not well defined what searches you will have to do at the time you design your data set.

However, many problems are not easily solved or modeled well with a relational storage. In most of these cases an object oriented model is far better and more suitable. An example would be complex data with few variations on how the data will be used and where it is well defined already from the start what data you want to look at and how you want to look at it. Most applications designed for a particular purpose would fit this category. Still, a lot of people insists in using a relational database without consider how it affects the overall design of the application.

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